Monday, January 20, 2014

Riddles of the Lost Gods is released!

My new fanedit "Riddles of the lost Gods", a fanedit of Indiana Jones 4, is released!

This is Indiana Jones 4 with Mutt not being Indy's son and with other major changes, including removing most of the annoying parts that most fan of the franchise did not like. There's a new opening with Hugh Jackman in the role of the conquistador. Some new little special effects.

Main Changes:

- Mutt is not Indy's son.
- Oxley never been to Akator before Indy.
- Indy solves the problems a bit more, or at least is more the lead of the action.
- New opening scene with Hugh Jackman as Orellana.
- New kind of ending. Even if it's more or less the same as the original (no wedding though)
- New little special effects (not a lot, and a few of them hopefully invisible)
- Some lines have been switched from scenes to others, so the lips sync is sometime average, but IMO it was needed, or it was sometime just for fun, anyway just be aware about that!
- the movie is now very short. About 1 hr 20.

After years of doubt about making an Indiana Jones IV fanedit, this is finaly my try on it.
This is a very difficult movie to edit. Of course you can remove some things that you don't like, but that does not make it automaticaly a good movie.
And after all, if you saw my trailer, there is a question mark at the end... Is this fanedit a good movie?
Not 100% sure about it to be fair, but it is different.
I felt this movie needed something more than just "cut the bad parts".
In my mind this edit is not really what we call here a "Fan Mix" (I changed a lots of things, but it's still Indy 4. It's not like my War of the Stars fanedits for example) but it's not really a Fan Fix either, because every changes here are not meant to "fix" the movie (making Mutt Williams NOT Indy's son, for example does not automatically make the movie "good" or "better". But it's what I wanted to do. Know what I mean?
Anyway, it's what I would call a "What If" fanedit. Kind of like my Alien-Ate fanedit for those who saw it.

Special thanks To LastSurvivor for pre-reviewing the workprint of this edit and to Infodroid for the idea of using parts of the Fountain to have Hugh Jackman as Orellana.


  1. how can I purchase this DVD ?? i don't see any where on this site.

  2. Hi, fanedit is a free art form (you just have to own the original DVD).
    Do not ever pay to watch a fanedit.
    You can find most of them at
    or you can PM me (user TMBTM) at