Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CONSECUTION SIX - SHUT UP! has been released!

After some delay (but it's nothing new concerning those consecution projects), the sixth Consecution, names Shut Up! is finaly available.

Once again faneditors reunite to bring you several short fanedits following a specific theme.

This time the rules were:

No dialogue, no spoken words (except in very rare cases, but should not be understandable).
No text cards with dialogue.
No text cards telling what happens or what happened.
15 minutes max.

My short fanedit is named "Death Tango" where I use Regarding Henry and Frantic to tell a little story with Harrison Ford as the main character.

Here's the complete list of fanedits presented in this project:

  - RĂªverie, by Rogue-Thex
  - I am Will Smith, by Leeroy
  -Carry That Weight, by NJVC
  -The List, by hebrides
  -Death Tango, by TMBTM
  -Schism, by Neglify
  -The Journey of Superman, by g1orkatsos
  -Reunited, by Adabisi

Thanks to all the faneditors for their great work!

to watch the trailer, go to the vimeo page: HERE