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This fanedit turns Prometheus into a proper, simpler prequel to Alien.
I tried to make things go as if after watching this edit you can follow it by Alie (1979)

40 minutes cut
9 minutes added (including almost 1 minute of new special effects)

I removed everything that did not make the plot move forward but at the same time I added some deleted scenes to flesh out some characters. I turned the whole movie black in white (it serves the purpose of a prequel and it looks great). I added special effects here and there. I switched scenes. Used lips sync. Every little tricks that a faneditor can use!

This fandit used to be available at Vimeo but it was removed so now you can maybe find at

10 Hours in the Life of Renee Walker
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This is a fanedit of the first 10 episodes of '24' Season 7. Focusing on the character arc of Renee Walker, the day she met Jack Bauer.

I thought the character of Renee Walker was strong enough to have a movie built around her but I did not want to use the whole of Season 7. I wanted a single movie, with just what I wanted to tell and it appeared that the first 10 episodes were enough to achieve that goal. Jack is still the "leading man" of this movie, but the interesting character is, to me, Renee and her point of view.

Thanks to Neglify for reviewing a first version. I added two scenes after his thoughts. One that I had previously removed and one new.


10 Hours in the Life of Renee Walker from TMBTM on Vimeo.

(A fanedit of Indiana Jones IV)

This is Indiana Jones 4 with Mutt not being Indy's son and with other major changes, including removing most of the annoying parts that most fan of the franchise did not like. There's a new opening with Hugh Jackman in the role of the conquistador. Some new little special effects.

Main Changes:

- Mutt is not Indy's son.
- Oxley never been to Akator before Indy.
- Indy solves the problems a bit more, or at least is more the lead of the action.
- New opening scene with Hugh Jackman as Orellana.
- New kind of ending. Even if it's more or less the same as the original (no wedding though)
- New little special effects (not a lot, and a few of them hopefully invisible)
- Some lines have been switched from scenes to others, so the lips sync is sometime average, but IMO it was needed, or it was sometime just for fun, anyway just be aware about that!
- the movie is now very short. About 1 hr 20.

After years of doubt about making an Indiana Jones IV fanedit, this is finaly my try on it.
This is a very difficult movie to edit. Of course you can remove some things that you don't like, but that does not make it automaticaly a good movie.
And after all, if you saw my trailer, there is a question mark at the end... Is this fanedit a good movie?
Not 100% sure about it to be fair, but it is different.
I felt this movie needed something more than just "cut the bad parts".
In my mind this edit is not really what we call here a "Fan Mix" (I changed a lots of things, but it's still Indy 4. It's not like my War of the Stars fanedits for example) but it's not really a Fan Fix either, because every changes here are not meant to "fix" the movie (making Mutt Williams NOT Indy's son, for example does not automatically make the movie "good" or "better". But it's what I wanted to do. Know what I mean?
Anyway, it's what I would call a "What If" fanedit. Kind of like my Alien-Ate fanedit for those who saw it.

Special thanks To LastSurvivor for pre-reviewing the workprint of this edit and to Infodroid for the idea of using parts of the Fountain to have Hugh Jackman as Orellana.
Riddles of the Lost Gods (Indy 4 fanedit) from TMBTM on Vimeo.


(A fanedit about us)
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Runtime 122 minutes

Cosmogony is a fanedit using a lot of movies to tell the story of humantity and nature, from the creation of life to wherever we are going.

When I started this work I thought it would be cool to use all the great movies about the various wars and iconic moments in human history... But it did not turn like that. I needed to have room to show various stories more centered around certain characters (lots of them fictional), events and ideas than making a list of "known moments".
The edit is quite slow paced and contemplative. With mostly only music, except some dialogue at key points.

About 80% or more of the music you'll listen to is added and does not belong to the original movies.
Some audiences could find it too long for what it tells and maybe they're right (2h12 min) but I could not cut much more than I already did without the feeling that I was removing some things that I like.
So, the edit is what it is; maybe not perfect and not for everyone but I like it. 

Side note: If you did not see The Emerald Forest, Apocalypto and Contagion, I advise you to watch them before this edit because there are some spoilers in the scenes I'm using.

List of movies from (more or less) the most used to the less:
1492: Conquest of Paradise - Quest For Fire - The Emerald Forest - Apocalypto - The Tree of Life - The Outlaw Josey Wales - Amistad - Contagion - Prometheus - Sunshine - 2001 a Space odyssey - Battlestar Galactica - The Day After Tomorrow - The Mission - Jurassic Park III - The New World - Clash of the Titans (2010) - koyaanisqatsi - BBC Life (fish) Documentary - There Will Be Blood.

New music by: Jean-Michel Jarre - Neil Young - Judas Priest - klaus schulze and lisa gerrard - Lou Reed & Metallica (without vocals don't worry!) - Bruce Dickinson - Bjork (end credits song called Cosmogony)

There are no real "changes" to the movies I'm using, storywise. I just use some scenes, cut them as I want and connect them to some other movies to continue the story.
Few special effect shots on the final scene.
Cosmogony from TMBTM on Vimeo.

The Future in Motion
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Fanedit of month for April 2012

This is a sequel to THE  WAR OF THE STARS: A NEW HOPE GRINDHOUSED, released in 2010. The goal is now to mix “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” while taking care of the changes made for the first edit. A lot of deleted scenes are also back in this edit.
Some hopefully intertaining twists and more than 90 new special effects turn this project into
something that I think is special even if maybe not as “fun” as the first edit. Or fun in another kind of way.
(This is not a “grindhouse” version, although some of the deleted scenes are looking old and the main sources used are from the Original Theatrical Cuts released in poor quality in 2006 as a “bonus” to the special edition DVD).

Original runtime 258 min (124 + 134) 
New runtime 134 minutes
Amount of time cut/added 148 min cut
about 24 min added.

With the incredible praise following the release of the first edit (thank you all!), a lot of people asked for a sequel.
But I already made my “silent Star Wars” before and I thought that it was enough Star Wars for me
and so I made various edits of other movies for a while, and I’m glad I did that.
But the question was brought back each time I finished a new edit: “Will your next one will be Empire Strikes Back “grindhoused”?
At one point I thought about making a “VHS style” version of ESB but I did not have many ideas back then.
Then, the Bluray box set of Star Wars was released with a lot of deleted scenes and I thought that an edit mixing
ESB and ROTJ along with those deleted scenes would be great. But I also wanted to keep a “Star Warsy” lenght. Meaning not
much more than 2h20 max. So a lot had to be cut too. It was a interesting challenge and I also thought the “grindhouse aspect had to go. But to really make a sequel to my edit, a lot more work was needed.
The fanedit where I used special effects the most was ALIEN-ATE, my version of Alien 4: 18 effects, and it was tiresome to do. “The Future in Motion” has more than 90 special effects… I started with a few in mind, then the number could not stop
to grow and grow! Now, I’m proud on most of them, they are not all 100% amazing but for an edit that is not supposed to be “better” but more an “alternate take”, I think they are good.

Main original source used: the Theatrical cuts of ESB and ROTJ from the official 2006 bonus DVD releases.
The version I use in my edit are from a “restored” version made by Dark Jedi (he made several versions, this is his version3).
So don’t look for a perfect quality since the 2006 theatrical release was in 4:3 letterboxed. Dark Jedi made wonders, but it’s obviously not
as clean as the special edition DVDs and a lot more grainy. I used those versions because I feel the original colors of the theatrical cuts are
truer to what I remember when watching Star Wars for the first time and I somehow wanted to have a little nostalgia feeling for this edit.

The 24 minutes added time is counting:
The deleted scenes of ESB and ROTJ ( about 10 of them. Some very short.)
some Star Wars prequels scenes
some scenes from A New Hope
Some short shots used from other movies, and most of the time changed with new special effects or heavily color corrected.
Shots from two fan films: IMPS the relentless Chapter 2, and Boba Fett Chronicles The Hunt for Varrada.

The new music used are mainly from Gustav Holst’s The Planets, Ulysse 31 (revisited by Parallax),
and also I used a theme from War Horse, by John Williams.

NOTE: Some voice replacements from other movies (or from changing the voices from a scene to another) could be a bit jarring sometimes.


There are too many cuts to make a real cutlist. But I would say that most of the edit is from “Empire Strikes back”
and the last 30 minutes or so are from “Return of the Jedi”. But there are scenes from ROTJ reorganized to
appear during the events of ESB.

Special thanks to:
L8wrtr, Angel and Neglify for previewing my workprint (Angel also provided solid bases for two of the new special effects), and to everyone’s support at

The War of the Stars II The Future in Motion from TMBTM on Vimeo.

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Fanedit of month for August 2011

This is a fanedit of Underworld and Underworld III Rise of the Lycans. The movies are reorganized to tell the story of Viktor and Lucian in chronological order.
All the music have been replaced by songs of the band Within Temptation.

Original runtime: 225 minutes (133 Underworld + 92 Underworld 3).
Cut: 129 minutes.
Added: few seconds from Underworld 2.
New Runtime: 96 minutes.

I wanted to make another edit in the style of Conan: Man of war, where I replaced the music by songs of the band Manowar.
This time it’s still metal songs, but less agressive, more symphonic.
And the voice of the lead singer, Sharon Den Adel, fits well the fact that two of the main characters are females.
I also think that Underworld III is actualy one of the few prequels that should be watched before the original movie.
In the first Underworld we see some flashbacks that, more or less, tell us the story of Underworld III.
So better start with the prequel and remove the flashbacks related to those events.

On Conan: Man of war pretty much each time a song start I removed the sound effects of the movie.
This time I tried to keep as much sound effects I could.
This edit is also a lot more talkative. Although I tried to not let more than 2 or 3 minutes without new music.
In a lots of scenes characters speak above the music ( a thing I only made once on Conan, IIRC. For the speach of the king).

Underworld Temptation from TMBTM on Vimeo.



This is Alien Resurrection, less weird, shorter, more “logical”, to me anyway. Maybe it will alienate you though!

Original runtime: 109 minutes.
Cut: 24 minutes.
Added: 5 minutes.
New Runtime: 90 minutes.

2003 version: 4 minutes 30 seconds added.
Alien vs Predator: 57 seconds.
18 shots with added special effects: total 1 minute 27 seconds.
behind the scene footage: 14 seconds added.

I’m one of those who quite liked Alien Resurrection when I saw it in theater.
Maybe because the director is also french, I don’t know, lol.
Still, there are plenty of nonsens, weak suspens and a kind of poor ending in this movie,
and multiple viewings do not help.
Do not hope to see a completely different movie, it is still the same story and events (mostly), but I think the new cuts make the whole thing go at a nice pace (I could have cut even more lines, as it is a very talkative movie, but 1h30 is short enough for an Alien movie, I feel).

- Reorganisation of the opening credits.
- Plenty of small cuts all along the edit as well as removing of some lines.
- Some of the 2003 additional scenes are in this edit,
but not all of them and most of the time not in their entirety.
- Color “correction”: more grey-blue, less yellow
- Some shots of the first “Alien vs Predator” movie are used.
- Complete reorganization of some scenes in order to:
. make the action more believable and less cartoony,
. avoid poor suspens in favor of a bit more tension/action (when doable…)
. make the movie running at an hopefully better pace.
- Lots of cropping (from the HD version in order to keep he best quality possible).
- The end is more or less the same as in the original, but also… completely different!

- 20 minutes "Making of" about the new special effects.
- Subtitles: french, english
- Teaser trailer
- Animated menus.


The Ugly West is a fanedit project by TMBTM and CBB. Both faneditors tackle one legendary Sergio Leone western to present them in much shorter, modernized and very different to the original versions.

Once upon a time in the west (by TMBTM):
Original runtime: 165 minutes.
Cut: 94 minutes.
New runtime: 71 minutes.

The good, the bad & the ugly (by CBB):
Original runtime: 179 minutes.
Cut: 93 minutes.
New runtime: 86 minutes.

Tmbtm and CBB wanted to do a project together and decided to take the most famous Spaghetti westerns of all time, not to make them better, but to present them in much shorter, modernized versions and give them the true fanedit treatment of turning them upside down. What started as a fun idea, ended up in 2 drastically altered versions, both serious, yet highly entertaining for both fans of the originals and western fans in general.


“Harmonica” is a 1h11 version of Once Upon a Time in the West.
Now when TMBTM started to work on this edit, he planned to make it fun, but in the end it turned as a serious version.
The first version of the fanedit he made still included the character of Cheyenne, played by Jason Robards and he added an Iggy Pop song as his main music theme, but in the end it was the only “fun” thing about the edit and it was a bit jarring. So he decided to completely removed his character (adding one more common thing between CBB’s edit and his).
Removing Cheyenne was not easy at all, and it turned a “quick made” edit into something way more difficult. It turned what was just a shorter version into something way more different.
Forcing the relations of the characters into a new direction through the removal of a key character was a super difficult task. Cheyenne had no real purpose in TMBTM’s shorter workprint and that’s why in the end, he had to be removed entirely.
The fanedit also has various new music tracks, replacing some of the famous Morricone score and giving these scenes an entirely new atmosphere.

- Cheyenne was removed from the movie.
- Some scenes are reorganized, and/or merged.
Example: the scene where Claudia Cardinale is searching for something in the house is two scenes from the original movie merged into one
- New musics. But All from Morricone (or musicians playing covers of Morricones music).

Harmonica from TMBTM on Vimeo.

It all started with the German title of the original THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, which is 2 GLORREICHE HALUNKEN (translation: Two Glorious Bastards). Now why the German distributors decided for such an odd title change is unknown, but it inspired CBB to drop THE BAD from his edit and to make things more fun, he also decided to try to remove every bit of the famous and awesome Morricone soundtrack and replace it with Johnny Cash.
While the removal of THE BAD was not that hard, even though it required to drop some of the most famous scenes in Western history (e.G.the cemetery duel), replacing the score was a close to impossible task, because the music is deeply woven into the original sound and cannot be just separated.
Using various complicated techniques and spending months on the audio recreation, CBB managed to give the fanedit an entirely new atmosphere, not better than the original, but highly entertaining and very different from the original.
Each Johnny Cash song was carefully chosen to fit to both the atmosphere and the contents of the scene, in which it was used. Every song was filtered to better represent the 1960s audio quality of the original sound.
In the end almost 50% of the new audio is a replacement of the original audio, using bits and pieces from the original, some other movies and sound effect collections.

- Angel Eyes (The Bad) was completely removed from the movie.
- Tuco’s brother was removed, because the score could not be removed from his scenes.
- The bridge scene is heavily shortened.
- Tuco and Blondie are not caught by the Blues and imprisoned.
- Some of the scenes from the extended edition were removed, because they were boring.

Teaser, trailer, My Name Is Blueyoda special
4 trailers for Tmbtm’s edits
1 special feature for Harmonica (King Of The Dogs)
4 trailers for CBB’s edits
4 previews for CBB’s edits
1 special feature for 2 Glorious Bastards (Including Johnny Cash)
1 subtitle extra (sing along with Johnny)
animated menus

Two Glorious Bastards from TMBTM on Vimeo.

This is Conan the Barbarian, shortened and with the original (amazing) music replaced by Manowar’s songs and intrumentals.

90% of the time the new music is playing without voices nor sound effect, so it looks like a big music video with some dialogue parts from time to time.

Original runtime: 129 minutes.
Cut: 35 minutes.
Added: 2 minutes.
New Runtime: 96 minutes.

Conan the Barbarian is one of my all time favorit movies.
To me it’s a “complete movie”. Both action packed and contemplative, serious but fun to watch, 80’s cheese but shot with such a sens of realism that even the now outdated special effects still look great IMO (can’t say the same about the Destroyer sequel that, well, destroyed the franchise somehow).
But one of the most memorable things about Conan is the amazing music by Basil Poldouris. Perhaps my favorit score ever recorded for a movie.
Now, my goal with this edit is trying to remove that amazing score and replace it by music by heavy metal band Manowar. This band is a strange phenomenon. It’s a band I found quite silly and ridiculous the first time I heard their songs but, in the end, they have some great catchy songs and very nice feeling for anything sounding “bigger than life”. Simple and direct lyrics about heroes, gods, courage, swords blood and fight. Some of their lastest albums have symphony music that blend nicely with the sound of the guitare and amazing vocal performance by Eric Adams.

The new music is playing 90% of the time without voices nor sound effect, so it looks like a big music video with some dialogue parts from time to time.

Subtitles for songs
Little Making of about the edit’s special effects (5 minutes)
Manowar Live (one song)
Teaser trailer
Setlist of the edit

Xvid + .srt (for the subtitles of the songs)

Conan Man of War from TMBTM on Vimeo.


This is a shorter version of Mimic by Guillermo Del Toro.
15 minutes are cut, scenes are heavily reorganized in order to make the movie less scattered.
New 2:35:1 aspect ratio, color a bit desaturated.

Original runtime: 105 minutes.
Cut: 15 minutes.
New runtime: 90 minutes.

Mimic is an okay movie from a great director.
The story suffers from some obvious déja-vu feeling (Jurassic Park, Aliens…) but is descent enough to be entertaining.
The directing is nice but the movie is too scattered for my taste.
Always switching from scenes to scenes, letting the audience in the middle of plenty of little average cliffhangers.
In other words, the movie drags a lot.
Add to this a music score that always ends EACH scenes on a high note, in order to create a tension that is just not there
and you end with a movie that has all the elements to be great but makes you cringe too many times.
I tried to cut and reorganized scenes to make, hopefuly, a better progression of the story,
I’m not saying my edit removes all the flaws of the original, but it is a version I personally prefer to watch.

Some separate scenes are now joined in order to really follow the characters in their actions.
A scene set in the midle of the movie is now put near the begining for better characters exposition.
Several scenes are not presented in the same order of events of the original.
Number of completely deleted scenes: 6
heavily shortened scenes: 3
(See details on the cutlist bellow)
numbers of small cuts removing few seconds all along the movie: about 30
This edit also has:
- a time reversed shot,
- an extended (looped) shot,
- a shot taken from one of my deleted scenes.
- removed voices etc…
The entire movie has been cropped (almost shot by shot) in order to reformatte the 1.85:1 aspect ratio to 2:35:01.
Some new camera movement added for the audience to see everything needed
(plus a little camera shake added when a Judas appears from the ground. That shot can be seen in the Trailer of the edit)
The color has been desaturated a bit, both in order to bring some, I don’t know, “70’s classic feel” to the movie..

Of a total of 50 scenes, here is the new order of my edit:

Complete deleted scenes:
- 1: The opening credit (some shots now used for the main animated menu of the DVD)
- 2: Suzan and peter at the hospital.
-20: Suzan meets the doctor at the library
-22: Chuy meeting the Judases at night.
-31: Remy and the doctor practicing autopsy of a baby Judas
-32: Happy ending.

Heavily shortened scenes: 12-23-33

Thanks to JMB for providing honest and useful feedback on my workprint.

Animated main menu and bonus menu.
Animated chapters
- Subtitles: english & french
- Short commentaries on two scenes (one of them is a deleted scene).
- Alternate ending… sort of! ;)
- Trailer

The Judas Breed (a Fanedit of Mimic) from TMBTM on Vimeo.



This edit of Peter Jackson’s KING KONG is radically shorter, attempting to match the length to the 1933 original. The overdose of creatures as well as unnecessary exaggerations are gone for a truly fast-paced adventure.

Original runtime: 200 minutes.
Cut: 94 minutes.
Added: 2 minutes.
New runtime: 108 minutes.

I am a huge fan of King Kong.

The 1933 original is one of the movies I surely saw more than 30 times in the early 80’s. You know, all the children love to watch and re-watch the same thing again and again. For me it was King Kong (1933) and Star Wars.
When I saw the 2005 version I loved it. It was not too long for me and the DVD extended version (which I used for this edit) neither.
But I totally understand people “complaining” about the length of this movie, the useless scenes and all.
Another usual complain was the choice of Jack Black as one of the lead actor. But frankly I did not know much about Jack Black when I first saw the movie (he was not that famous in France back then, at least not to me) and I found him good. The kind of character we like to hate.

So why editing KING KONG if I like it?

- Because I think a radical short version of this movie is needed. Several fanedits already exist but I wanted to match King Kong 2005 lenght to the 1933 version. So I tried to find the 2005 scenes that fit the purpose of the 1933 ones.

- I also think Peter Jackson has gone a bit berserk with all the creatures attacks. They, most of it, are still in my edit, but heavily trimmed.
- They arrive at Skull Island in about 20 minutes while it takes an eternity in the original.
- Driscoll now only share one or two lines of dialogue with Ann. And I think it still works well.
- I also added a minute of the original 1933 score somewhere in the movie.
- the 2 deleted scenes are not as good quality as the rest of the movie. Sorry for that. But they are only 1 minute each, and they are watchable.

- Trailer
- Trailer 33′
- 2 minutes of fanediting.


KONG - Fanedit from TMBTM on Vimeo.



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Fanedit of the year 2010
Fanedit of month for January 2010

This is a “grindhouse” version of George Lucas’s Star Wars (episode 4 A New Hope). Some of the deleted scenes, alternate takes and behind the scene footage are now back in the movie.
New music. New special effects. Key scenes have been reorganized.

Original Runtime: 124 minutes.
Cut: 43 minutes.
Added: 16 minutes.
New Runtime: 97 minutes.

To complete a “grindhouse double feature” I needed a second movie. (First JAWS: The Sharksploitation Edit, now The War Of The Stars: A New Hope Grindhoused).  When you talk about “grindhouse double feature” Planet Terror/Death Proof comes to mind, and what people usualy says?… “Damn, Planete Terror was fun, but Death Proof was a bore!”

Personally I like Death Proof a lot but I can understand why people felt it was boring. I hope this edit will not bore you too much! I took as an advice a comment on my JAWS edit who said it was “too long for mockery”
so I made the overal lenght quite short this time.
I want to thanks Puggo for letting me use his 16mm preservation work, known as The Puggo Grande. I just zoomed and cropped it for it to have a more “Star Warsish” aspect ratio. (so the picture quality of the Puggo Grande is better, I wanted to point out that fact.) Only I think that quality loss helped me a lot to blend some documentary footage back in the movie.
And THAT is one of the main purpose of this edit: to bring back a lot of deleted scenes and various footage. Does it make it a better movie? Hell no. This is a cheap version of Star Wars. Hopefully fun for the fans to watch.
In the bonus of the DVD you’ll find a little slideshow video showing some of the various shots added. Please do NOT watch this video before the edit itself!

Special thanks to everyone at and to Doubleofive who came with the idea of R2D2’s subtitles.

Winner of the January 2010 Fanedit Of The Month Contest on

- Before/after slideshow
- Leia sings Frabce Gall
- Bob Dylan sings the Prequels


The War of the Stars - A New Hope Grindhoused FULL FANEDIT from TMBTM on Vimeo.
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Fanedit of the year 2009
Fanedit of month for June 2009

This adds a kind of grindhouse feel to JAWS and makes the movie fun to watch for those who are not afraid to see this masterpiece being turned into something else.
(but it’s still JAWS, I did not turn the plot upside down).
But most of all I did it for my own enjoyment. I hope it’ll work for you.

Original runtime: 121 minutes
Cut: 44 minutes
Added: 27 minutes 
New runtime: 104 minutes

- New opening credits.
- I will not list all the cuts because there are to many of them, some big and some very short.
- Grainy picture, scratches and noises. Warm and cold tint added.
- some almost entire scenes from JAWS 2 added (as well as a lots of shots from various movies and documentaries)
- Most of the deleted scenes and alternate takes are back in the movie, not all of them though; And some are a bit poor quality.
- New music here and there (70’s style JAWS theme, pop, rock etc..)
- Few, but noticeable, special effects to add more blood into some shots.
- NEW ENDING (a bit cheesy, but hey, it’s a grindhouse edit after all!)
- New ending credits.

Winner of the “Best True Fanedit In June 2009″ award, based on a 100% undisputed FE academy voting.

- Alternate music on one scene.


Jaws - The Sharksploitation Edit from TMBTM on Vimeo.


PART 1 (the Prequel Trilogy)
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PART 2 (the Original Trilogy)
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Even before the release of my Star Wars 30’s serial edition (or silent edition) the thought of doing an old looking, dusty version of this edit came to me. I wanted a simple, clean, black and white, 16:9 release first, but to complete the idea of an old silent edition of Star Wars a little more work had to be done.
First I did not want to go too far in the changing process, but after some talkings at (thanks to you all) I began to realize that since a clean version was already available, this new “dusty” version needed to be quite different.

2008 "clean" version

2009 "dusty" version

Star Wars silent serial Episode 6 from TMBTM on Vimeo.
PART 1 (the Prequel Trilogy)

PART 2 (the Original Trilogy)
IFDB page

This is a black and white silent edition of the Star Wars saga. No voices, dialogue cards (with the help of Ripplin, for I’m french and my english is not always good!), no sound effects, only John Williams music (now you can hear some OT score on PT and some PT score on OT)

Each episode has its own edit that can be play from the main menu, but they can also be watched as a long 4h40 movie. 1 DVD for the prequels trilogy, 1DVD for the original trilogy (no text crawl on the OT DVD).
Your intention for this fanedit: I tried to give the same old movies feeling to the whole saga, and so make a new way of listening to the score. But I almost did not change the story, it’s just the way of telling it that change in this edit (and the length of course).