Friday, August 10, 2012

COSMOGONY - In the making

I started a new fanedit (about 30 minutes in for now).
This project comes from a long way and i'm not 100% sure where it goes...
at any case it could end as a short edit if I don't have a lots of ideas during the making.

So, it all started during the process of finding a theme for the next Consecution project.
This project ended being "Shut Up!" Consecution, a series of several "silent" short edits (still to be released).
At one point I had an idea about making several short edits telling the history of men and planet earth.
Each shorts dealing with a different period of time. This is the basis of this fanedit.

It starts with the making of earth then follows the story of humankind using various movies.
Of course you can already guess what kind of movies I'm using for the begining.
It will be The Tree of Life - 2001 a Space odyssey - then it will go on with Quest for Fire,
then various movies like T.Malick's The New World, maybe Apocalypto, 1492,
then various historical movies leading to more recent periods of time.
All with new music and with the less talking possible. At least no talking about the main plot of each movies.
The movies should be used here to show events that would be part of the story of men, not just several little separate stories.

The begining is a given. It's when we move to recent history that it will be more complicated, IMO.
A purpose, a theme needs to be found for the edit to be meaningful and I hope to find it as I go in the making.
Plus I already made a 23 minutes musical edit dealing with underwater creatures, using various movies and docs
(still to be released) that could be seen as a compagnion piece of this edit or as the same kind of work.
I'd like "Cosmogony" to be different and a real project of its own.

Time will tell... (hey, that could also be a good title.)