Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cops Consecution is released!

Cops Consecution

This is the seventh Consecution project DVD. It contains 9 short Fan Edits focusing on cops stories.

The faneditors are:
Adabisi - DominicCobb - g1orkatsos- Leeroy- matrixgrindhouse - Neglify (2 short edits) - That One Guy - The Man Behind The Mask

 The rules:
1. Create a short fanedit that runs 16 minutes max.
2. There has to be a plot.
3. This time there was a clear deadline to give back the edits.
4. Has to feature cops, obviously.

I've done a 13 minutes short edit called Fatal Weapon for this project. A little sad story using Lethal Weapon as a source.

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