Thursday, May 28, 2015

Star Wars Silent Serial Edition Episode I - Streaming

Here's another old fanedit of mine, now in streaming for you. (DVD versions are at See the "links" page)

This is a black and white silent edition of the Star Wars saga presented in the form of a old serial. No voices, dialogue cards, 4:3 aspect ratio, no sound effects, only John Williams music.
This is Episode I (43 minutes)
Don't worry about the squeezed picture on the main title at the beginning, the rest of the fanedit is in 4:3 (Pan & Scan) with normal picture. It was my first ever fanedit (I've made a 16:9 clean B&W version of it before but this old looking version was the thing I wanted to do from the start.)

All five other movies will be added hopefully each week.


Star Wars Silent Serial Episode I from TMBTM on Vimeo.

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