Monday, June 4, 2012

The War of the Stars II is Fanedit of the Month!

Thanks to all the voters at, The War of the Stars II: The Future in Motion is fanedit of the month for April!
I am very glad that most people who liked the first one thought this sequel was worthy.
Took me about 6 months to do, with pretty much all my spare times put in it, and although I think a faneditor should make a fanedit for his own pleasure first, this award brings "warm feelings to my heart".



  1. Your edit was awesome! I just watched the xvid version and I totally fell in love with it. There's only one probleme: I'm not able to find the ntsc dvd version :( it's not on

    Ton montage était incroyable! Je viens de regarder la version xvid et j'ai été subjugué. Il n'y a qu'un problème: je ne suis pas capable de trouver la version dvd NTSC car elle n'est pas sur :(

    Merci de faire ces superbes fanedits! De mon côté, je vanterai tes mérites à mon entourage québécois

  2. Thanks! :)

    The NTSC DVD is not available anymore for now.
    Should be back soon, but only on a .nzb form. (usenet).
    And it will be the "version 2" of the DVD (just some typos corrected on the credits and R2's subtitles, nothing else).
    It should be the one you already have in Xvid.
    (Oh, and maybe a german subtitle options on the DVD, for those interested.)
    I think someone already uploaded the old DVD version (with typos errors) at usenet. You'll maybe find it using